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All-inclusive immersions in the world of wild wolves, bears, and other wildlife in Yellowstone National Park with The Wild Side Tours & Treks:

Spring Wolf Watching

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Join wildlife biologists Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston and The Wild Side expert guides as they journey through Yellowstone National Park’s famous wildlife sanctuary observing gray wolves, grizzly bears, moose, and a host of other wildlife species.  Enjoy comfortable accommodations in picturesque settings, great outdoor picnic meals, as well as, fine dining.  Learn from the experts who have spent their lives studying wildlife and teaching about the dramatic ecosystem that Yellowstone Park was created to protect.

The timing of spring trips is ideal.  Wolves are out searching for prey for their young pups and grizzlies are visible foraging in the meadows and valleys like no other time of the year.  Newborn elk calves are hiding in the grass and sage while young bison calves are kicking and bucking as they follow the herds. This burst of new life is all around!

On a typical trip we may see wolves from several packs and other species including grizzlies, bison, moose, and many birds.  We have witnessed Grizzly Bear stares at onlookers  By Nathan Varley wildlife.  Don’t miss this opportunity to watch wolves on the move as the sun rises, grizzly bears bird-dogging through the sage hunting for elk calves, vast herds of bison stampeding across open grasslands, and bighorn sheep walking precariously along narrow cliff walls.  While we may emphasize the “charismatic megafauna,” we don’t ignore the “enigmatic microfauna” either.  We will also look for birds of all sizes and color, and small carnivores like otters, coyotes, foxes, badgers, and weasels.

Following each exhilarating day filled with wildlife viewing, we stay at comfortable accommodations while alternating great outdoor picnics with gourmet catered dining.  Finally, you will see many of the locations that have made Yellowstone world famous, including the the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Roosevelt Arch, and Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.

Spring Adventures in Brief:

Outfitters:  THE WILD SIDE LLC, NPS-authorized provider.

Group Size: 6-14

Deposit of $500 per person due at time of booking.

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Reservations: contact us or by credit card at Yellowstone Wolf Guides.

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The Lamar Valley by Nathan Varley