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Wildlife biologists Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston launched THE WILD SIDE, LLC, to propagate their collective professional endeavors.  THE WILD SIDE, LLC, offer wildlife viewing tours, university level educational programs, biological research, and many conservation programs and services. 



Our premier wildlife watching programs (listed on the main page and in the right column) feature multiple days of extensive viewing, excellent meals and accommodation, and expert interpretation by Nathan, Linda, and a professional staff who combine many years of Yellowstone experience.  Our custom programs feature the flexibility to create a program perfect for your group, dates, and budget.  We arrange programs and field courses for colleges and universities that travel to learn about the wildlife and critical conservation issues in Yellowstone.  Read what guests have said about their experiences with The Wild Side's wolf-watching excursions in Yellowstone. The Wild Side, LLC, is permitted by the National Park Service under a commercial use authorization agreement to provide tour and transportation services in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.


The Wild Side, LLC, offer a subscription web page, with sightings, updates, and daily naturalist reports to stay informed about current events in Yellowstone.  Yellowstone Reports has the most current information about wolf and other wildlife sightings on the web.

High quality spotting scopes are available for rent to enhance wildlife viewing in the park.  We are also available for consulting on wildlife research and management for small businesses and agencies.

Giving Back

The Wild Side, LLC, promotes sustainable practices in its operation.  Our programs in Yellowstone Park are authorized by the National Park Service under a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA).  The CUA specifies the holder complies with all applicable public health and sanitation standards and codes.  The Wild Side, LLC, teaches and practices the Leave No Trace outdoor ethics curriculum to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.  Our programs feature recycling of product waste including plastics, aluminum, paper, and glass with the assistance of the National Park Service, a program made possible through the Greening of the Parks Act.


We hire only local guides and services to contribute to the local economies and thereby promote sustainable, long-term stability to Yellowstone’s communities through ecotourism.  We contribute to and participate in local grassroots organizations whose mission is to encourage sustainable practices in industry, business, and recreation.  A portion of The Wild Side, LLC, proceeds is donated to local non-profit organizations with educational and environmental stewardship as their primary goal. 


Primarily, we actively support the Gardiner-based Bear Creek Council whose mission is to provide members with the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the decision-making and monitoring process concerning area resources, and to promote responsible use of area resources in order to ensure quality of life and protection and integrity of the environment.  Further, we are a Guardian in the Yellowstone Association’s Guardian program for promoting educational programs for visitors to Yellowstone Park.

Stemming from our primary work observing wild gray wolves, we have developed a code of wildlife watching ethics for visitors to the park that emphasizes respect for the wildlife and for fellow visitors.  We contribute to the Yellowstone Wolf Project’s research and education initiatives through the Yellowstone Park Foundation.  This work provides for scientific endeavors to better understand the ecology of the wolf and better protect their place in nature.  To combat the opposition to wolves in local and regional communities we participate on the board of advisors for Living With Wolves, an organization dedicated to raising broad public awareness of the truth about wolves, their social nature, their importance to healthy ecosystems, and the threats to their survival.  Programs are designed to build tolerance that can lead to coexistence between people and wolves sharing the same land.


The people involved with The Wild Side, LLC, are dedicated to the long-term vision of growing a sustainable ecotourism industry that benefits local communities and protects the environment and resources upon which the industry depends.