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Our guests have spoken.  Testimonials for programs with The Wild Side, LLC:

Full of moments sublime with intervals hilarious.

You really delivered another memorable time.


You really did a great job of making me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped off the plane to when we said our goodbyes.

Mike, St. Louis

I had a fantastic time, from the wolf sightings, to the snowshoe hikes, to the beautiful canyon walk, to the cabins, to the wonderful food, just being in Yellowstone is such an honour.  Thank you again for looking after us all so very well.


We miss you and Yellowstone!   Words cannot express our gratitude for your professionalism, knowledge and whole heartedness.  I am seeing things through a shifted perspective, which I love.  


I have done many tours in different parts of the world and worked with many guides.  You made this trip very special and memorable.

Thank you again for the attention to every detail and every need and for your inexhaustible humor, charm and professionalism.

Ilya, New Jersey

We received tremendous value for the cost of the tour, especially when you consider that all expenses--meals, lodging, entrance fees--were included, spotting scopes were available, we had knowledgeable tour leaders that knew where wildlife are located, and we even had the opportunity to meet with a wildlife photographer.  We stayed at a variety of places, all of them nicer than we would have been able to find on our own.  The food was great. 

Nathan and Linda gave us a "vacation of a lifetime."  Our plan is to return to Yellowstone within a couple of years and will only do that with them as our tour guides.


Great people, great fun.  I was on the May trip, and it was spectacular. The scenery, the adventure, and the camaraderie of the people with like interests were all great. 


A trip with Linda and Nathan would be the highlight of any visit to Yellowstone.  They are patient, fun and personable hosts.  For us, it was an opportunity to tour Yellowstone with experienced naturalists willing to share their knowledge and unique perspective not only with respect to wolves, but in ALL areas of wildlife ecology.  If you're looking to learn about the wolves and you become curious about dynamic relationships between all of the park's plants & animals, we can't think of a better way to start.


I really enjoyed the trip: your good company, professionalism, knowledge and humour.  


We have to say that the trip was a lifetime experience.  We will never forget it.  You taught us so much and we really appreciated your tending, and hospitality.  We are considering a winter trip, and have suggested the trip to several wildlife lover friends.


Thank you for an unforgettable trip.  You guys gave me the experience of my life.  I hope you get some rest in before your next adventure.


Nathan and Linda's knowledge and love of Yellowstone is unsurpassed, and the best part is their willingness to share it.  What a gift!

Nathan was a delight.  He has a real knack for presenting natural history & scientific research in a clear, concise way.  And with humor!

Linda was the behind-the-scenes glue, coordinating logistics, great food, and checking in with everyone to make sure they were comfortable and having fun.
Group dynamics are a tricky thing.  It was truly a delight the way this group bonded.  I attribute a lot of this to attention to detail of Nathan and Linda.


We want to thank you both for our wonderful day.  We just got home last night and want you to know how much we enjoyed our day, the sighting of the perfect black birthday wolf with amber eyes howling and howling, and all the other birds and animals we saw.  It was an amazing day and the best part of it was chatting about park history and all the issues confronting the future of the Yellowstone area.


Linda is knowledgeable and articulate about the wildlife populations in the park and wolf management. She is attentive, considerate, respectful, and ever-ready to be helpful to all who are on the tour. She is the joyful spirit to whom everyone turns!

Nathan is a wildlife expert above all others. His understanding of Yellowstone and his familiarity with the wildlife in the park means he can spot a small bird, a wolf, an owl, or any other animal of Yellowstone at great distances and in obscurities none of us could imagine.

I am looking forward to another trip with Nathan and Linda, hopefully in the winter.