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Winter Program to Watch Wild Wolves in Yellowstone Park

Winter Wolf Watching

The Unforgetable Eyes of the Wolf   by Mark Miller

While the temperatures for winter months can be frigid, there is no better time to be observing Yellowstone's wolf packs.  Watching wild wolves with the experts in Yellowstone's premier wolf spotting season is often the most rewarding and amazing experience we can offer.  Your hosts are Dr. Nathan Varley, a native of Yellowstone whose has studied wolf & elk ecology, and Linda Thurston, whose experience includes research and cutting-edge wolf conservation techniques.   Extensive observation time takes place in the morning with snowshoe excursions in the afternoon.  Guests enjoy catering by exalted chef Zac Kellerman.  Past special guests for winter programs have included Doug Smith, Dan Stahler, Jim Halfpenny, Dan Hartman, and Bob Landis.

Bounding Wolf  by Jeff RichTHE WILD SIDE LLC

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The Wolves of Yellowstone  By Mark Miller

Black Wolf on a Bull Elk Kill  by Dan Hartman