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"I strive to portray my experiences in the wild and hope my efforts can be shared with others in my photographs.

As I  look at the photos, in my mind's ear, I can still hear their howls... maybe you can too!"





Wolf 42


Wolf 21


Swan Lake Pack


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Druid Peak Pack Wolf#42f Howling


Wolf 42 Encounter

"One winter morning in February of 2002, I encountered four wolves as they ran up a hill near Elk Creek. I carefully got out of my van and photographed them as they stopped and howled from the top of the hill.  It was only later that I realized which wolves these were--the Druid Peak Pack with their alpha female 42 leading the chorus.  My lasting impression of them is how happy they seemed-how they were really at home."-MM



Druid Peak Pack Wolf #21m

Running in Snow




Mark Miller has been photographing the natural world for over twenty years.  Enjoying the chance encounters of wildlife in the wilderness, Mark lives for natural events.  As most avid wolf watchers will attest, there is something truly very special about witnessing wild Yellowstone wolves.  Mark makes his home in Gardiner, Montana, the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.


Swan Lake Pack Wolf Portrait





Swan Lake Pack Encounter

"It was early April of 2003, a fresh snow had fallen in the night, and I was out photographing early.  Just outside of Mammoth Hot Springs, I found to my amazement two wolves atop a small hill not far from the Gardner River.  I carefully grabbed my lens, and fired several shots before the wolves wandered off.  One wolf, at least for a few moments, seemed to stare back at me.  I had never fretted so much in my life as when I was wondering how my film would turn out.  Fortunately, several matched my memory of that incredible moment."-MM.



Swan Lake Pack Wolf Profile




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double matte exterior



image, with double matte

Druid Peak Pack Wolf #42f Howling 10 by 18 20 by 28  $85, $95
Druid Peak Pack #21m Running in Snow 10 by 18 20 by 28 $85, $95

Swan Lake Pack Wolf Portrait

12 by 18 20 by 28 $85, $95
Swan Lake Pack Wolf Portrait    8 by 12 16 by 20 $55, $65
Swan Lake Pack Wolf Portrait- detail 12 by 8 16 by 20  $55, $65
Swan Lake Pack Wolf Profile  16 by 12   

20 by 28


$85, $95

These prints are available as original, signed archival photographs.

To order an image, print the order form and send check or money order to:


Mark Miller Photography 

PO Box 33

Gardiner, Montana  59030


406 848 9160





Shipping for any sized order in the USA is $12.50




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