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Wolf Information and Organizations

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Further Resources and Links

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Reports  Subscription web pages with up-to-date reporting on wolves, wildlife, and issues in the first national park

Yellowstone National Park  National Park Service's pages on visiting.

Yellowstone Association Institute  Yellowstone's partner in education since 1933

Yellowstone Park Foundation  Dedicated to the protection and preservation of Yellowstone National Park

Greater Yellowstone Coalition  Doing conservation work to keep the Yellowstone ecosystem stitched together

Yellowstone Ecological Research Center  Pioneering research in the Yellowstone ecosystem



Absaroka Lodge  Great rooms with a great view in Gardiner, Montana.

Zac's Montana Kitchen  Gourmet catering for all occasions.  Can't go wrong with Zac.

Wyoming River Trips founded in 1978 by Rick and Ron Blanchard. The only continually owned and operated company in the historic Cody Area running the Shoshone River.

Chico Hot Springs  A fantastic resort get-away north of the park.  Don't miss Chico on your vacation!

Wapiti River Guides Great River Trips in the Wilds of Idaho and Oregon.

Jan Fennell  The Dog Listener Foster your own relationship with your wolf, the domestic dog.

Wolf Information & Organizations

Defenders of Wildlife   Leaders in wolf recovery and keepers of the livestock depredation proactive fund.

National Wolf Watcher Coalition  A dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about the protection of wolves in the wild amid enumerable obstacles.

Keystone Conservation   Saving a place for America's predators through innovative strategies and collaborative efforts.

Yellowstone Wolf Project Report   the National Park Service's report on wolves in the park.

Western Wolves  Advocates for sound information and management of wolves.

Wolves of the World  a great many varieties of wolves exist around the world.  The page is a great resource for understanding the diversity and distribution of wolf subspecies.

Wild Earth Guardians  Their mission is to restore an ecologically effective wolf population to the Southern Rockies, obtain full recovery of the Mexican wolf in the Gila, and protect wolves throughout the West from the dangers of trapping, shooting, and predator control devices.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service  government reports on wolf recovery throughout the United States

Southern Rockies Wolf Restoration Project  a coalition of regional and national conservation organizations with one mission: ensuring the restoration of wolves to their ecological role in the Southern Rocky Mountains

Das Wolf Magazin geht online  Germany's voice for wolves in print and online

The Wolf Recovery Foundation the first organization in Idaho completely dedicated to the restoration of wolves in the Rockies.

Timber Wolf Alliance  The Timber Wolf Alliance promotes and assists in achieving a sustainable population of wolves through public education in the western Great Lakes region with special emphasis in the Lake Superior basin.

Wolf Clan of North America  CLAN is the first and only organization in Quebec dedicated to protecting wolves.  CLAN's objective is to expose the many aberrations and injustices surrounding the trapping of wolves and other animal species by trappers in Quebec’s wildlife reserves.

The Wolf Society of Great Britain   Helping wolves in Europe through progressive means to build economies based on sustaining natural resources.

Wolves and other Carnivores of Norway  The Norwegian Carnivore and Raptor Society post information about the on-going plight of wolves in Norway.

The Wolves Ontario! Project   Created due to the dire situation facing wolves in Ontario, Canada.

Wolf and Woods of Minnesota  a collection of photos, books, videos and stories about one of my favorite subjects: the wolves and woods of northern Minnesota.


Natural History Resources

A Naturalist's World  Dr. James Halfpenny's resources for tracking wolves and other wildlife.

Turner Endangered Species Fund  dedicated to preserving biodiversity by ensuring the persistence of imperiled species and their habitats on private lands.

Hornocker Wildlife Institute   leading the way with wild cat research around the world, taking an integrated scientific and conservation-minded approach

World Foundation for Environment and Development  Finding economic solutions for biodiversity conservation and development in the new millennium.

Global Wildlife Resources  Promote and improve animal welfare in programs and activities relating to wildlife research and management through teaching the highest quality courses in wildlife capture, chemical immobilization and handling and provide professional preparation and field assistance with wildlife captures, transport, and disease investigations.


Wolf Refuges

Wolf Conservation Center promotes wolf conservation by teaching about wolves, their relationship to the environment, and the human role in protecting their future.

International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wild lands and the human role in their future.

Wolf Haven  An organization whose mission is "working for wolf conservation" by: protecting our wild wolves; providing sanctuary for captive-born wolves; promoting wolf restoration in historic ranges; and educating the public on the value of all wildlife.

Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center a not-for-profit bear and wolf reserve in West Yellowstone, Montana, providing visitors to the Yellowstone area an opportunity to learn about, view and ultimately appreciate the grizzly bear and gray wolf.   Grizzly bears that are unable to live in the wild have a second chance.  By helping with the education of visitors, the lives of the bears and wolves may help their species remain in the wild.

Mission:Wolf a non-profit organization created to offer educational services, a permanent shelter for homeless captives, and opportunities to experience wild wolves.

California Wolf Center  A truly unique education and conservation center focusing on the North American gray wolf. We promote conservation of gray wolves and all wildlife through education, exhibition, participation in captive breeding programs, and studies of captive-wild wolves.

Lockwood Animal Rescue Center offers a program working with returning combat veterans to assist them as they make the transition back to society and start the healing process.  With the opportunity to work closely with wolfdogs, they set up lifelong friendships.  The often difficult walk back home is not one that they should have to make alone.

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve   dedicated to the preservation of the wolf, and giving the wolf a safe haven in which the species can survive and multiply. Open to the public for educational tours and fun events that will alleviate some of the bad press that the wolf has received in the past.

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Center  promotes wolf and bear conservation in the Central Canadian Rockies Ecosystem through public education, providing a one-of-a-kind, quality experience to the public to support wolf conservation through education.

Wolf Hollow  a non-profit organization established in 1990 to teach people about the importance of the wolf in the wild.

Wolf Education and Research Center  Home of the Nez Perce nation's captive wolves in northern Idaho.

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