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The Pelican Valley Expedition is an on-going narrative of the March adventure in which biologists searched the remote backcoutnry of Yellowstone Park to learn about the Crystal Creek Pack.  Material has been provided by the members of the 1999 expedition, Dan MacNulty, Kevin Honness, and Nathan Varley


Chapter 1  Death is No Stranger by Nathan Varley

Chapter 2  Denizens of Old Growth by Nathan Varley

Chapter 3  The Grand Staircase by Nathan Varley

Chapter 4   Umpteenth Time by Nathan Varley

Chapter 5   New Camp by Kevin Honness

coming soon: Chapter 6   The Deadly Chess Match by Kevin Honness


Photographs by Nathan Varley and Kevin Honness, except where noted

Thanks to Dan MacNulty (our fearless leader), the Lake District Rangers, and the Yellowstone Park Wolf Project



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