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The most frequent and detailed information about Yellowstone wolves on the web is reported daily at  Yellowstone Reports.

The Wild Side bring the voices from the field with unique and timely news about Yellowstone in a subscription website.  Please read the preface for Yellowstone Reports.

A Yellowstone wolf pauses while eating from a carcass on the edge of misty lake


Yellowstone Wolf Tracker  ~

the wolf-watchers' source

The White Wolf #39   by Dan & Cindy Hartman

Since wolves were restored to Yellowstone Park the population has flourished.  Coinciding with this landmark conservation achievement was the growth of a now-popular pastime,  wolf watching.

What is wolf-watching?  This intrepid outdoor activity is simply the observation of wild wolf packs in Yellowstone by casual visitors and serious professionals alike.  Yellowstone Wolf Tracker has been a leader in promoting successful and responsible approaches to this activity since 1997.  This web page is a resource for novice, as well as, experienced wolf-watchers.

Swan Lake Wolf    by Mark Miller

New Alpha Male   print by Todd Fredericksen

Want the inside scoop?  For those new to wolf-watching, we suggest hiring a guide.  This will give you your best chance to see wolves, as well as other wildlife.  Join a multi-day program to have an in-depth experience!  University programs can arrange guiding or a multiple day curriculum.

What else does YWT offer?  Information and recommendations for visiting Yellowstone.  Tips for safe and ecologically sensitive wolf watching etiquetteEducational materials for books and videos, fantastic wild wolf images in the gallery by local photographers and artists, and many links to other great web pages.

Wolf Eyes   by Duke Coonrad

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Yellowstone Wolf Tracker is compiled and edited by Nathan Varley and Linda Thurston, owners of THE WILD SIDE, LLC.  Yellowstone Wolf Tracker has been on the web since 1997.

Nathan has been living in Yellowstone for most of his life and works with wolves and other wildlife species.  As a professional wildlife guide, Nathan enjoys hosting groups in his home, Yellowstone, where exceptional wildlife sightings and amazing secret spots are the norm.  He guides groups of all sizes and ages, year-round, and specializes in natural and cultural history of the park, wildlife observation, and backcountry wilderness travel.  He maintains a wildlife ecology research program in partnership with the park and several universities.  BIOGRAPHY

Linda has worked with wolves in the Rocky Mountains for much of her career as a wildlife biologist.  She has done conservation work for agencies including the National Park Service in Yellowstone and Idaho Fish and Game in the Clearwater region of Idaho.  She worked on a wolf research project in Banff National Park, Alberta, for the University of Alberta.  Currently she works for Defenders of Wildlife on programs that aim to solve chronic problems of wolf predation on domestic livestock in Montana.  She also guides many people to see wolves in Yellowstone each year and shares her extensive experience in field courses for the Yellowstone Association Institute and other non-profit organizations.  BIOGRAPHY


This web page offers:

A listing of premier wildlife watching programs (right-hand column) that feature multiple days of extensive viewing, excellent meals and accommodation, and expert interpretation by Nathan & Linda, who combine over 30 years of Yellowstone experience.  Our custom programs feature the flexibility to create a program perfect for your group, dates, and budget.  These can be as short as a single day or as long as multiple weeks.  We arrange programs and field courses for colleges and universities that travel to learn about the wildlife and critical conservation issues in Yellowstone.  Read what guests have said about their experiences with The Wild Side's wolf excursions in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Wolf Information:  we offer an information service with sightings, updates, and naturalist reports to stay informed about current events in Yellowstone at

High quality spotting scopes are available for rent to enhance wildlife viewing in the park.  We are also available for consulting on wildlife research and management for small businesses and agencies.


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