Yellowstone Wildlife Watching

Nowhere in the lower 48 states is there a greater diversity and abundance of wildlife (big and small) than Yellowstone National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Every day afield in Yellowstone represents an opportunity for exciting sightings ranging from the big (grizzly bears, wolves, bison, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose) to the small (raptors, songbirds, coyotes, fox, otter, beaver, Mustelids, marmots) and more. Though specializing in wolves, our guide service and programs take full advantage of opportunities to see all of Yellowstone’s wildlife. We always know the current opportunities and the best places to enhance our chances of securing memorable sightings. One of the advantages of our privately guided wildlife tours is our ability to customize each tour to fit the goals, hopes and interests of each individual party. We provide high-quality optics—essential for Wildlife observation in Yellowstone

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